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Entry-Level Examinations
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Benchmark Evaluation
Match your top performers

Customized Assessment
Oral Interviews, Role-Playing Exercises, Leaderless Group Dynamics.

Physical Agility Standards

PSTA will conduct an extensive role-delineation study to determine the entry-level and maintenance level of your employees. 
PSTA determines the essential job function of the position  and applies the results to your department

 Peace Officer
Corrections Officer
Radio Dispatcher
Parking Enforcement
Clerk, Clerical, Office Manager
Billing Clerk, 
Accounting Clerk
Public Works
Parks and Recreation
Fleet Mechanic
Food Service
Street/ Highway Department
Water Plant 

Fire Service

Firefighter / Paramedic
Fire Driver/Operator
Fire Company Officer
Fire Executive Officer

About Public Service Testing Associates, LLC
We are the "HIRING SQUAD". PSTA made its goal to create a testing system to select the brightest and best candidates for every civil service position in your county or city. 

Public Service Testing Associates, LLC can simplify and expedite your hiring and promotional process. All our examinations are "content validated." We will administer any examination on-site. We will grade and report any examination within five days, usually less.  We will customize any examination for any job description. We will provide your candidates a free study guide for any customized examination.

We will create a customized examination and present a draft keyed examination for your approval within twenty-one days of receiving your examination materials.

PSTA customized examinations are for your department only. These examinations are written for your county, your city, your tonwship.  Although we do offer generic promotional examinations upon request.

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Testing Today for Tomorrow's Leaders
Benchmark Evaluation. Match an entry-level candidate or promotional candidate to your top performers through this sixty word personality test. You will receive an average ten page report detailing how close or how different this job seeker is to your top employee. This report will rate your candidate in 18 personality areas. You also receive a management summary and interview questions as suggested by the evaluation.
Assessment Center Evaluation: The Assessment Center Evaluation levels the playing field between "Booksmart" and the "Common Sense" Applicants. PSTA will provide you with a customized promotional examination, in addition, every candidate participates in an "Out-of-the-box" personal interview by our experienced assessors. Each candidate will participate in a group exercise competing against each other in leadership issues. The candidates will sit for oral interviews, based upon department policy and procedures, then each candidate will interact with an actor/assessor in live scenarios which may include, reprimanding, praising, coaching, and leadership skills